Rapid Action Doors

Automatic entrances connect people, goods, vehicles and places swiftly and efficiently. Rapid Doors enhance flow and convenience in your business, by creating automatic entrance solutions for the front, back and interior of your building.  High-speed, high-performance doors which excel during intense operation and in demanding conditions.

Envico Series Rapid Doors

The Envico Series Rapid Door is the original Rapid Door to be manufactured in NZ and is still the most reliable, durable and hard working door available. These doors provide all the benefits one would expect from a Rapid Roll Door including; higher productivity, superior environment control, safer working conditions and increased compliance control. The Envico Rapid Door comes standard with innovative features like the flexible soft bottom edge and automatic relocation system. These features are designed to provide minimal down time as a result of collisions by fork traffic. Costly repair and replacement of bottom rails also become a thing of the past.

RR300 Freeze & Chill Rapid Doors

The RR300 Freeze is an unmatched workhorse, highly reliable, extremely robust Freezer Grade High Speed Rapid Door. Capable of taking the knocks and is easily relocated back into
the guides if necessary. The RR300 Freeze has an insulated curtain complete with two inbuilt heat traces in each leg greatly reducing energy loss in the most extreme conditions. This door provides all the benefits one would expect from a Rapid Roll Door including; higher productivity, superior environment control, safer working conditions and increased compliance control

RR3000 Aluminium High Speed Door

The RR3000 high speed doors with their nice aluminium curtain are perfect for industrial, commercial and high security applications where speed is important, looks are critical, and traffic is frequent

Specialty Application Rapid Doors

High-speed roll-up doors are ideal for logistics entry and exit areas with frequent traffic, requiring fast switching and high internal cleanliness. They offer multiple functions, including quick switching, temperature insulation, dust and insect protection, and sound insulation. These doors are the preferred industrial choice for reducing energy consumption, maintaining dust-free and clean environments, regulating constant temperature and humidity, and ensuring the required production environment for products

Piggyback Rapid Doors

The ENVICO door range is ideally suited when combining with other door types for exterior applications. The Maxim head assembly is supported by the 2 side frames and is therefore free-standing. This allows the Maxim to be safely mounted in-front of a conventional steel roller door. This is ideal for exterior applications where both security and productivity are important. 

Related Products

Safety Bollards


Protect your investment with our ‘easy to install’ steel bollards.  These are available in a range of finishes to suit your requirements

Bollards are a simple but effective asset protection tool, they are commonly placed at the edges of door openings to protect the door & building from forklifts and other traffic. 

Dock Levellers & Loading Equipment


Vertical Storing Dock Levelers are an ideal Dock option when a superior Contamination prevention or greater energy loss measures are required. The trailer can be parked and the seals deployed before the trailer door are required to be opened. This eliminated the need for the driver to open his trailer or container doors before parking his trailer. Ther vertical dock have a range of safety features and available upgrades to streamline your loading or unloading process. Also due to the dock being vertical storing, you have excellent access to the pit for easy cleaning & maintenance.

Dock Seals & Shelters


The Air Frame Inflatable Shelter is a versatile and adaptable element barrier designed to seal gaps while allowing in light. The shelter features two vertical air bags to seal the sides
of the trailer and an inflatable header air bag to seal the top, providing full unrestricted access to the rear of the trailer. It inflates after the trailer has docked and deflates before
departure to minimize wear and tear. The system is powered by a 240V ½ HP continuous running motor and blower assembly.

PVC Strip Curtain


PVC Strip Curtain is the most cost effective way to temperature control an opening. This product can also be used for vermin and pest control, dust and noise. We offer a large range of sizes, colors and profiles to suit your specific needs. PVC Strip Curtain can be used in temperatures down to -50° and up to 60°. We can supply in 50m Rolls or cut replacement strips for your convenience. 

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