RR300 Freeze & Chill Rapid Doors

The RR300 Freeze is an unmatched workhorse, highly reliable, extremely robust Freezer Grade High Speed Rapid Door. Capable of taking the knocks and is easily relocated back into
the guides if necessary. The RR300 Freeze has an insulated curtain complete with two inbuilt heat traces in each leg greatly reducing energy loss in the most extreme conditions. This door provides all the benefits one would expect from a Rapid Roll Door including; higher productivity, superior environment control, safer working conditions and increased compliance control

RR300 Chill Rapid Door Brochure

RR300 Freeze Rapid Door Brochure

RR300 Freeze Specifications

  • Maximum Opening Width: 3600mm 
  • Maximum Opening Height: 5500mm 
  • Opening speed: 120” per second
  • Closing speed: 24” per second
  • Aluminium Side Guides/Frame 
  • Heated Side Frames


Climatex™ Insulated Curtain

Vinyl Panel Sections hot welded with 3x Layers or Heavy Duty Polyethylene Air Pocked Insulation 

MCC Controller

Variable Frequency drive with soft start / soft stop and absolute encoder / 24V DC, UL listed

Padded Bactrac Soft Bottom Bar

Automatically repairs itself if knocked out of Guides 

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