Pedestrian Safety Rail

Ensure your staff and workers have a provision throughout your factory or premises to walk in and stay safe. Pedestrian Safety Rail can be installed as a guide to show where pedestrians are allowed to walk. 


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Pedestrian Rail Specifications

  • 1000mm H x 2250mm L frame with 2200mm extensions as additional 
  • Personnel Gates available to close pathways over door openings and forklift paths 
  • Compatible with Safety Barrier – Brackets can be added to install an additional hand rail on top of Safety Barrier
  • Safety Yellow (Internal Use), and Safety Yellow over Galv/Alloy Finish (External Use) available 


Protect your Staff

Ensure staff are contained within specific pathway areas to prevent potential forklift collisions 

Colour Options

Available in Safety Yellow, or Safety Yellow over Galv/Alloy Finish


This Barrier System is a simple bolt together system that can be made to suit any length or building


This Barrier System can be used to protect any assest – buildings, machinery, Dock & doorways, the uses are endless

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