Roller Shutter Doors

A Roller Shutter Door is the most functional, robust & hardwearing door suited for many applications from warehouses, your local car dealer, factories to name a few. If damaged the slats can individually be replaced saving dollars and downtime. Suited for high wind applications and securing your property

Roller Shutter Door Brochure

Installation Requirements

  • Minimum Headroom: 500mm 
  • Motorside Side-room: 260mm 
  • Non-Motorside Side-room: 200mm 

Piggyback Rapid Doors/Roller Shutters

The ENVICO door range is ideally suited when combining with other door types for exterior applications. This allows the Maxim to be safely mounted in-front of a conventional steel roller door. This is ideal for exterior applications where both security and productivity are important


0.8mm Individual Slats

Curtains are constructed from individually roll formed replaceable interlocking slats for extra strength

Operation Options

  • 3 Phs Motor & Gearbox 
  • 1 Phs LCM (Low Cycle Motor) 
  • Manual Operation 
  • Manual Hand Chain Operation 

Interlocked Slats

Due to the Steel Slats being interlocked together to form the curtain, this means less damage and buckling will occur. If the door happens to be damaged individual slats can be replaced

Ventilation Option

Ventilated or perforated slat options are available on request

Vent Hole Size: 32mm H x 72mm W

Available Colours

Standard finish is Galvanized but an extensive range of Dulux powder coated colour options are available from the Dulux Duralloy Range 

Custom Made

Roller Shutter Doors are custom manufactured to fit the size of your door opening

  • Maximum Height: 7.5 metres
  • Maximum Width: 7.25 metres 

Extruded Aluminium Bottom Rail & Rubber Seal

Each Roller Shutter has a extruded aluminium Bottom Rail for additional strength with Neoprene weather seal to prevent water and dust intake underneath the door 

Guides Options

  • Standard 50mm Guides
  • 90mm Windlocked Guides (High Wind/Security Applications) 

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Protect your investment with our ‘easy to install’ steel bollards.  These are available in a range of finishes to suit your requirements

Bollards are a simple but effective asset protection tool, they are commonly placed at the edges of door openings to protect the door & building from forklifts and other traffic. 

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