Envico Series Rapid Doors

The Envico Series Rapid Door is the original Rapid Door to be manufactured in NZ and is still the most reliable, durable and hard working door available. These doors provide all the benefits one would expect from a Rapid Roll Door including; higher productivity, superior environment control, safer working conditions and increased compliance control. The Envico Rapid Door comes standard with innovative features like the flexible soft bottom edge and automatic relocation system. These features are designed to provide minimal down time as a result of collisions by fork traffic. Costly repair and replacement of bottom rails also become a thing of the past.

Envico Micro Specifications

  • Min/Max Size: 2000/4000mm 
  • Interior & Exterior Application 
  • Ideal for small interior situations 
  • 1 Phs Power Supply 

Envico Maxim Specifications

  • Min/Max Size: 2000/6000mm 
  • Ideal for heavy Industrial Traffic situations 
  • Interior & Exterior Application 
  • 1 & 3 Phs Power Supply Option 


Automatically Relocating Feature

In the event of a collision, the relocating system ensures that the curtain automatically reinserts itself back into the track. The ENVICO relocating system means that in most cases there is no down-time for collision repairs.

Vision Panels

2 Rows as standard. Up to 5 an optional extra. Vented panels available as an optional extra.

3 Phs Motor Activation

The standard drive system is a direct drive via a gearbox and brake motor. The motor can be positioned on the right or on the left side of the door depending on preference 

Safety Features

These doors have a built-in flexible soft bottom edge that ensures the safety of both pedestrians and product. The doors are also equipped with photocells in the side frames which prevent the door from closing as long as persons or objects are in the closing plane.

Activation Options

  • Ground Loop Activation 
  • Radar Activation 
  • Remote Activation 

Curtain Colours

Curtain Material: 900gsm 1.0mm RIP Stop PVC 

Control Unit

The ENVICO Rapid Roll door is equiped
with an integrated control system. This
comes with a PLC logic controller as well
as a variable speed drive for adjustable
up and down speeds

Hood Cover

Powdercoated Steel Hood Cover: Silver Quil

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