Safety Bollards

Protect your investment with our ‘easy to install’ steel bollards.  These are available in a range of finishes to suit your requirements

Bollards are a simple but effective asset protection tool, they are commonly placed at the edges of door openings to protect the door & building from forklifts and other traffic. 

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Bollard Sizes and Specifications

  • Available in Safety Yellow, Galvanized or Safety Yellow over Galv
  • Fixing Bolts included with Bollard

115mmØ x 1100mm high – Bolt Down 

165mmØ x 1100mm high – Bolt Down 

115mmØ x 1630mm long – Cast In

165mmØ x 1630mm long – Cast In



Our range of Bollards work right along side the Safety Barrier system.  Bollards protect against forklift damage to your buildings & assets. Repairs for this damage can cost thousands of dollars.

Colour options

This barrier comes in Galvanised finish or Safety Yellow for high visibility.

Door Frame Bollards

These give maximum protection to your door and door frame. These prevent higher objects such as Trucks and Forklifts catching the door opening and causing damage


These Bollards can be used to protect any assest – buildings, machinery, Dock & doorways, the uses are endless

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