Clean Room Project – Hastings


Another state of the art Clean Room constructed by Action Door Solutions Ltd. This was a turn-key project including structural steel, HVAC and the ISO8 Clean Room.

This 251m² Clean Room provides a airtight, sterile environment required for production 


  • Full Flush Double Glazed Windows. Sill-less windows eliminate any collection points for airborne particles
  • Large windows providing excellent visibility from both inside and outside of the Clean Room 
  • Flush Air return Panels – Integrated seamlessly into the wall panels returning air back to the HVAC Units
  • Stainless Steel interlocked Pass Box
  • 5 x Rapid Roller Doors – Interlocked
  • Stainless Steel Air Shower on entry



Envico Series Rapid Doors

The Envico Series Rapid Door is the original Rapid Door to be manufactured in NZ and is still the most reliable, durable and hard working door available. These doors provide all the benefits one would expect from a Rapid Roll Door including; higher productivity, superior environment control, safer working conditions and increased compliance control. The Envico Rapid Door comes standard with innovative features like the flexible soft bottom edge and automatic relocation system. These features are designed to provide minimal down time as a result of collisions by fork traffic. Costly repair and replacement of bottom rails also become a thing of the past.

Safety Bollards

Protect your investment with our ‘easy to install’ steel bollards.  These are available in a range of finishes to suit your requirements

Bollards are a simple but effective asset protection tool, they are commonly placed at the edges of door openings to protect the door & building from forklifts and other traffic. 

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