Wakefield St Complex 🔐

Project Details

Recently constructed, this Building Complex was designed to house numerous small businesses/offices within site in Onekawa, Napier 

Action Door Solutions installed 10x Roller Shutters and Safety Bollards continuing the same style around the chain of offices creating a continuous look. Safety Bollards were installed to protect the large glass windows which vehicles park against, just in case of an accident occurring. 

Project Location

Wakefield Street Building Complex | Napier 

Roller Shutter Doors

A Roller Shutter Door is the most functional, robust & hardwearing door suited for many applications from warehouses, your local car dealer, factories to name a few. If damaged the slats can individually be replaced saving dollars and downtime. Suited for high wind applications and securing your property

Safety Bollards

Protect your investment with our ‘easy to install’ steel bollards.  These are available in a range of finishes to suit your requirements

Bollards are a simple but effective asset protection tool, they are commonly placed at the edges of door openings to protect the door & building from forklifts and other traffic. 

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