Gourmet Blueberries🍇

Project Details

Gourmet Blueberries is a berry produce grower in the Hawkes Bay who recently constructed a new cool-store facility. With over 600 tonnes of produce to keep fresh per season, Action Door Solutions provided a number of our innovative products to ensure product quality through temperature control and dispatch loading

The Rapid Doors installed allow the Blueberries to be stored within the Coolstore have the flexibility to keep certain areas maintained at specific temperatures.

Also installed were Dock Levelers and Inflatable Seals allowing shipment loads to be fork-lifted into containers without comprising on loss of internal temperature 

Project Location

Gourmet Blueberries | Hastings 

Insulated Sectional Doors

Insulated Sectional doors are an ideal option when thermal efficiency is a concern or requirement. Whether this is cooling or heating this door forms the thermal barrier required while providing quick and easy access to your opening when required

Dock Levellers & Loading Equipment

Vertical Storing Dock Levelers are an ideal Dock option when a superior Contamination prevention or greater energy loss measures are required. The trailer can be parked and the seals deployed before the trailer door are required to be opened. This eliminated the need for the driver to open his trailer or container doors before parking his trailer. Ther vertical dock have a range of safety features and available upgrades to streamline your loading or unloading process. Also due to the dock being vertical storing, you have excellent access to the pit for easy cleaning & maintenance.

Dock Seals & Shelters

The Air Frame Inflatable Shelter is a versatile and adaptable element barrier designed to seal gaps while allowing in light. The shelter features two vertical air bags to seal the sides
of the trailer and an inflatable header air bag to seal the top, providing full unrestricted access to the rear of the trailer. It inflates after the trailer has docked and deflates before
departure to minimize wear and tear. The system is powered by a 240V ½ HP continuous running motor and blower assembly.

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