The new Hastings IHIVE is a office facility recently completed offering rental spaces designed to the modern day office. Available for Rent, this modern working space allows smaller businesses to enjoy the luxury of working in a modern day environment, as well as having access to shared amenities, cafe area and lounge to mingle with other surrounding colleagues. 

Within the HIVE, Action Door Solutions installed an Operable Wall allowing the split of one large meeting room into two smaller rooms. You can ensure your meetings are keep private due to the sound proof qualities, making staff oblivious to any possible meetings net door. Cladded in Melteka, this wall camouflages into the surrounding wood work and cabinetry giving the impression it is permanent


IHIVE | Hastings 

Operable Walls

Operable Walls can create extra offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, function rooms, dining areas – in minutes!

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