Henderson sliding & folding door tracks, brackets & channels

Manufactured since 1921, Henderson Door gear is suited for any situation. Sliding, Folding, Commercial, Domestic or Industrial Henderson will work 

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Not all Henderson Door Gear Parts are listed on our website. Enquirer further for a specific item you are in need of

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PVC Strip Curtain


PVC Strip Curtain is the most cost effective way to temperature control an opening. This product can also be used for vermin and pest control, dust and noise. We offer a large range of sizes, colors and profiles to suit your specific needs. PVC Strip Curtain can be used in temperatures down to -50° and up to 60°. We can supply in 50m Rolls or cut replacement strips for your convenience. 

PVC Swing Doors


PVC swing doors are “hands free”, impact operated doors. Their double action springs allow them to open from either side, swinging through a 180° arc and self returning to the centre line of the doorway.  Translucent PVC leaves afford good two way vision, minimising the risk of collisions while maximising available light. PVC Swing Doors are a cost effective option, especially useful in busy traffic situations where tight environmental control is required without impeding traffic flows.

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