Timber Tec

The Timber Tec  finish will allow you to still have the aesthetic look of a Cedar door, and have less repairs and maintenance in the long run. Made from aluminium, Timber Tec features a printed wood grain coating acting as a real wood finish. 

Choosing Timber Tec allows the door to run a lot smoother due to the decrease in weight from a Cedar Door

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Space Saver

Sectional garage doors open vertically and are suspended under the ceiling to gain additional space.

The vertical rising action means that there is no ‘swing-out’ enabling vehicles to be parked right up to the door.


Sectional Doors come in a range of Coloursteel Colours and a full range of Powderocated colour options.  They can also include Timbertec & Zincalume.


Sectional doors come in a vast range of finishes, Coloursteel, Powdercoat, Cedar or Wooden finishes


Sectional Doors can be insulated to ensure the warmth of your garage. Panels can be insulated with 45mm of polystyrene with either a core flute or Novahush Insulpro Insulation.


The advantage of Sectional Garage Door is that they have minimal pivot points, which makes them very hard for thieves to break into.


A Sectional Garage Door can be fitted with either an Automatic Opener or a Manual lock. The best way to make a decision is to visit our showroom to see both.


Flexible and weather-resistant seals on all four sides Sectional Doors protect it against both the wind and rain. The bottom seal can easily accommodate slight irregularities in the floor thanks to its large-sized profile lip.


Windows can be added to your Sectional door for extra light into your garage.  ABS insert windows with acrylic glazing or aluminium box section, frame windows glazed in a choice of glass and finishes to compliment your home

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Powering sectional and tilt doors, the Tiltmaster is our new favourite opener. It is quiet, powerful and reliable with a 7 year warranty.



Powering Sectional Doors – NOW WITH 5 YEAR WARRANTY As quiet as a mouse, this energy efficient opener has the latest security and multi frequency technology.

WhisperDrive® (MT3850EVO)


The ultimate Sectional Door opener – NOW WITH 7 YEAR WARRANTY Super fast and quiet, this energy efficient opener comes complete with all the bells & whistles.



The designers choice. This door opener is ideal for all residential sectional doors and comes with all the bells and whistles.


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