Project Details

Daytime Efficiency/Nighttime Security ☀🌔

New Zealand Miracle Water is a state of the art Water Bottling facility, providing fresh water to the worldwide market. The installation of Piggybacked Rapid Doors allowed the facility to combine the requirements of hygiene and security using these doors.

The Piggybacked feature allows the facility to have the Rapid Doors opening and closing during working hours to the outdoors. Out of working hours the roller shutters are closed to provide security to the building at night areas and prep rooms behind ensure public access is blocked, while allowing staff to easily walk through the swing doors with full hands if needed. 

Project Location

NZ Miracle Water | Hastings 

PVC Swing Doors

PVC Swing Doors, are a cost effective solution for fast and efficient, two-way movement through an opening where visual, sound and environmental barriers are required. They provide a necessary barrier between two rooms, either for temperature, weather, or dust and hygiene. 

Commonly used in supermarkets, fisheries, processing facilities, and medical areas.

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